The Horse Heaven Hills Kiwanis Foundation annually awards scholarships to high school seniors, and college students. Apply for these scholarships online atthe Washboard.orgWe also provide additional scholarship opportunities for graduating seniors in our sponsored high school Key Clubs.

 The Foundation also contributes funds for school supplies to selected local elementary schools.

Experience Our Club Projects

Our club currently sponsors Key Clubs for students at two Kennewick high schools: Southridge and Kamiakin and two Pasco K-Kids Clubs for 5th and 6th grade students at Virgie Robinson Elementary and Marie Curie Elementary.

Sponsored Youth

The J&S Dreamland Express

The Kiwanis Foundation

Our members also help support groups like Richland's SIGN Fracture Care International, Safe Harbor, all of our local food bank services including 2nd Harvest, and more.

J&S Dreamland Express is our club's signature project. It is a recreational "train" that brings joy to children and their families on weekend afternoons from May to September at Kennewick Columbia Park. The J&S is operated by our club members and the community volunteers.

Youth Services & Young Children Priority One

The club members support and volunteer on projects of their interest. They also take an initiative to introduce a new project that contributes to our club's efforts.

Communty Services

Our club motto is to provide community service that benefits youth. For the service effort, we have two focus groups, Youth Service for school age youth and Young Children Priority One for children age 5 and younger